More successful through fitness


How are you today? I hope you feel strong, fit and bursting with energy. As a personal trainer, I know that customised training can increase quality of life and your personal store of energy. My name is Arne Hagen, and I am a personal trainer in Hamburg. My passion is to accompany my clients on their path to athletic success and help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

No time? No desire? No argument! I will help you integrate your personal training programme into your stressful routine. As a bonus you will also discover that training also boosts self-confidence, success and vitality in your professional and personal life. read more

Personal Training

I accompany you in your training with personal coaching. Plus: pick-up service. Motivational and effective. read more

Personal nutritional coaching

Healthy, delicious food promotes your training success. You will feel on top of the world. Totally fit and attractive. read more

Medical health check

Here we check the basic conditions for your fitness training. With a medical and health orientation. read more