About myself

About myself: Arne Hagen, personal trainer with a passion

Sport is my life. Passing on this enthusiasm and my specialist knowledge is my job, and I love doing it.

My own athletic path began at the age of six years old, when I discovered martial arts for the first time and was immediately carried away with enthusiasm for the power and elegance of these exercises. I was also an enthusiastic football player, and it’s clear to me today that I can’t imagine doing a job without a connection to sport. I am a passionate athlete and fitness is my main hobby. My biggest challenge is to help my clients achieve their fitness goals. This can extend from a first marathon through a beach-ready figure to stringent physical promotion of performance for the career.

My favourite sports: jogging, fitness, power training, football, karate, judo, track and field.

My favourite feeling: this relaxed and casual feeling after training and the moment when you’re standing in front of the mirror thinking: “Cool!”

Trainer personality: I am the one who corrects false movement patterns, gets you to do 15 instead of 10 repetitions and, even when it’s drizzling out, go jogging on the Elbe. I even send you an SMS to remind you of your training at home.


“It’s very important to me that my clients achieve their goals
and go through life more relaxed and with a better quality of life”



  • Diploma as sport and health trainer (IST)
  • Personal Trainer A – Licence (DTA Cologne)
  • Personal Trainer (Holmes Place Academy)
  • Fitness trainer B and A licence
  • Trained nutritional adviser
  • Trained back fitness trainer
  • Trained cardio trainer
  • Nordic walking instructor
  • Motivational coach
  • Additional licence: Fitness trainer 50+