BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells

BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells: quick and effective

Health, vitality and aesthetics


The BodyVib vibration dumb bell is based on findings from scientific and medical studies. This involves dumb bell training with integrated vibration and offers many advantages:


  • Muscular hypertrophy – maintenance and development of muscular fibres
  • Protein synthesis – reformation of proteins in the muscle cells
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • Strengthening of skeletal bones
  • Body forming
  • Optimisation of the metabolism
  • Pain treatment (back, neck and headaches)
  • Promotion of blood flow, tightening up of the skin and reduction of cellulite


BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells


While the classic training dumb bell is primarily used for purposes of muscular development, the BodyVib D1 primarily serves the purpose of vitalization, meaning improving blood flow, stimulation of the metabolism, neural stimulation, etc. The BMS dumb bell is suited for use in the areas of invigoration, neural stimulation and vitalization of the upper extremities.


Holistic training

In comparison to conventional dumb bell training, the intensity of the exercise is not achieved through using the greatest weight possible, but instead through the combination of functional sequences of movements under the influence of BMS. The conventional dumb bell exercises are carried out at a significantly reduced speed. Usage is generally found to be less strenuous as a result.
In contrast to with conventional dumb bell training, the goal is to influence entire muscle groups through significantly more complex sequences of movements under the influence of biomechanical stimulation.



Comprehensive vital training of the upper body with the BodyVib D1 requires around 5 minutes. The high intensity of the effect is apparent even after only a few seconds.
Scientific studies have shown: BodyVib reduces training times by up to 50 percent with the same training effect.



BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells