Personal nutritional coaching

Next to training, balanced nutrition is of decisive importance.

Personal nutritional coaching: fit and slim

Did you know that protein works like a kind of “make-up from inside” for your figure? Those who want to firm up and shape their bodies should, in addition to strength training, pay some attention to eating the right foods. The important thing is not that you train within a limited fat burning zone, but rather that you burn more calorific energy than you consume:


  • Refrigerator check
  • Analysis of eating behaviour
  • Determination of metabolic type and energy requirements
  • Shopping advice
  • Nutritional log for a defined period of time
  • A nutritional plan oriented to your goals and preferences

“Our bodies are our gardens, our wills are our gardeners. – William Shakespeare”


Total calorie consumption is decisive for weight reduction. Endurance training supports the reduction of body fat. In this way both subcutaneous fat and dangerous abdominal fat can be melted away. In the context of nutritional consultation I pay special attention to making sure you don’t stop enjoying eating. Eat yourself fit!



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