• Individual consultation

    In our first meeting we analyse your goals together. Personally and professionally.

  • Medical health check

    Here we check the basic conditions for your fitness training. With a medical and health orientation.

  • Personal Training

    With personal coaching I accompany you in your training. Plus: pick-up service. Motivational and effective.

  • Personal nutritional coaching

    Healthy, delicious food promotes your training success. You will feel on top of the world. Totally fit and attractive.

  • BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells

    BodyVib reduces training times by up to 50 percent. In this way we work with the most modern research to combat back pain and cellulite.

  • Golf BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells

    With the BodyVib Dumbbell you increase your muscular springiness for the perfect stroke.

  • TRX Training

    This training is ideal for anyone who travels a lot. You work with two belts, slings, handles and your own body weight.

  • Fit in the office

    Company fitness is a fun incentive that can reduce absences. My offer for in-house preventative health care.

  • Training at home

    Do you want to set up your own fitness studio at home and are looking for purchase advice? I'm happy to advise you as a sport specialist.